Crown Marine Seats specialise in supplying skipper seats, helm seats the very best quality in maritime and executive seating. In the UK and Ireland, Crown Marine are exclusive dealers for two of the most highly respected names in quality seating; RECARO and ALU



Crown utilises the knowledge and experience of our principles, which compliments internally placed design engineers with valuable skills and an impressive reference list that demonstrates the company’s ability to meet and satisfy exact requirements of our clients.

In the UK and Ireland, Crown services a range of markets; fishing, workboat, high-speed craft, cruise, offshore, naval, commercial shipping and leisure craft. Such a varied market demands a flexible approach to all enquiries which inspires confidence in the client, and ultimately leads to delivering the perfect seating package.

Seating packages can consist of a straight forward combination of seat and pedestal or suspension unit for a single vessel. Alternatively, some projects begin with the naval architect, clients’ design consultants or shipyards/boatyards working with Crown Marine Seats to create a multi-functional operator seat for a whole fleet of vessels.

Unique and impartial

Crown Marine Seats are unique among its peers in the high-quality seating market. As representatives of two high quality brands, the company provides impartial advice. Crown Marine Seats are not influenced to promote equipment by brand or margin. Instead, focus is centred around the client’s specification and how that is best satisfied from a technical and budgetary criterion.


RECARO is a brand synonymous with high performance, luxurious seating in the automotive industry. A lesser known fact, they have also been providing marine seating solutions for over 30 years. RECARO has developed a wide range of styles across various markets, meaning that Crown Marine are able to offer many different options in style, functionality and fabrics to the marine industry in the UK and Ireland.

To compliment the RECARO range of seat styles, Crown Marine offers many options in ‘under the seat’ accessories such as pedestals, suspension units, deck rails, seat slides and rotation plates.

When choosing RECARO, clients are selecting a sporty, dynamic design combined with outstanding comfort and perfect ergonomics, ensuring total concentration and performance. Demanding conditions at sea require a seating solution that satisfies over extended periods of time. For an inseparable combination of functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics, RECARO has a solution.

Alu design

Formed specifically to provide high end seating solutions to the marine industry, Alu Design has developed a large and loyal customer base across the globe. With ALU, a high specification seat is delivered as standard. From their headquarters in Norway, ALU has developed a reputation for producing a robust and aesthetically pleasing seat package from a straightforward pedestal mounted skipper seat, to the most complex of operator chairs.

ALU Design understands the intensive work environments which their products are required to perform in. Attention is focused on ensuring suitability with a product range that satisfies those demands. ALU states their goal as being ‘to create an optimum working environment for the operator, prioritising the usability and functionality of each chair and accessory’.

Crown Marine Seats has been awarded exclusive dealer status in the UK and Ireland for ALU since 2016.