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A well priced helm seat package worthy of consideration on board or for inclusion in any control room. Considering the Alu 200? If so, give us a call.

The stylish smaller brother to the Alu 600 series skipper chair. Alu Design has a style to suit every requirement in the marine industry. The Alutech 200 is a skipper seat built from the highest quality materials and specifications with HSC accreditation


As with all the other boat seats in the Alu range, the 200 helm seat is stylish, functional and incredibly well made. The little brother of the Alu 600, the 200 is upholstered in genuine black leather with a signature deep and built for comfort seat cushion. The 200 Captain’s seat is well suited to vessels where skippers are working long hours on smaller vessels where a large 600 series might be overly dominant.

The 200 skipper chair is packaged together as a seat, pedestal and footrest depending on the sitting height.

Alu also offers the 200 marine seat in a ‘lowback’ option which, as the name suggests is available with a seat back having a reduced back rest height


  • Approved 12G according to HSC 2000 – annex 10
  • Seat back angle adjustment.
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Flip back armrests
  • Shock absorbing column
  • Seat rotation
  • Footrest rotates with chair



The Alu 200 helm seat comes as standard in a range of sitting heights from 400mm to 1050mm, over 5 different models. Each model above that with the lowest sitting height includes a footrest. All models are made up of the seat, armrests and pedestal.

  • Available with a reduced height back rest. Ideal where height restrictions apply
  • Flatback model available in which the seat back reclines to near horizontal
  • Embroidery such as logo or boat name
  • Client supplied leather or fabric
  • Available with an office style 5-leg base




As designers, Crown always have fun working with our clients to come up with something special. 


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