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When performance is critical to operations and staff must remain fully focused throughout a shift, the 24-hour professional office seat from Alu is the perfect solution.  A poorly designed chair with no consideration for user ergonomics, will likely result in personnel becoming uncomfortable or fatigued when their role required total concentration and sensible decision making. Under pressure and in the most demanding of executive environments, the Alu OP 01 24H chair is suitable for land and ocean based roles in which staff must remain alert and fully concentrated on the task in hand.


To provide the most ergonomic solution for executives, there are many adjustments that can be made to suit personal preferences; a reclining seat back, armrest adjustment forward and back, up and down. The users sitting height can be adjusted with rotation of the seat available as standard. Under the seat, there are two options available for fitting to each of the five supporting legs; casters for ease of movement or flat feet for stability. In addition, clients can select a foot ring for resting feet if the sitting height is such that the floor cannot be reached comfortably.




The 24Hr Alu office chair is designed to complement the iconic Alu seat styles available across the skipper seat, captain chair and helmsman’s seat range. The beautifully styled high back rest provides support to the head and neck whilst the subtle curvature in the back rest provides maximum support and comfort to users.


This seat is all about ergonomics that allow the user to be able to select the perfect sitting position for them. Armrests can be adjusted forward and back as well as up and down. Adjustable lumbar support is standard for additional protection of the lower back.


Following on in the same style as other seats in the Alu range, the 24Hr office chair enhances the appearance of the workplace when matched with Skipper seats in the bridge or operator chairs supplied by Alu.




  • Genuine leather executive chair
  • High backrest for head and neck support
  • Curved back rest for maximum back and lateral support
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Armrest adjustment forward and back
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Sitting height adjustment
  • Seat rotation




  • Caster wheels or Flat feet/pads on each of the five legs
  • Foot rest ring for high sitting positions
  • Corporate logo embroidered into the seat



The OP 01 24H Office chair has been designed for 24-hour high intensity operations with multiple ergonomic adjustments. Aesthetically in sync with other seats in the Alu range for consistency, this seat is available on wheels or sliders and supplied in leather as standard.
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