Alu offers a nice range of crew and passenger seating. As with their range of captain’s chairs and skipper seats, the Alu style is contemporary and comfortable. These are high quality leather seating solutions that enhance the interior of the vessel. On workboats, crew seating can be selected to have the same appearance as those in the bridge which compliments the quality and style of the overall build.

Alu crew seats are upholstered in genuine leather and have a fixed back angle. The chairs can be mounted on to an Alu suspension unit, fixed beam structure or an Alu pedestal, according to the naval architects plans. Alu also offers their low back crew or passenger seat as an option, when a high back is not necessary.


Alu have arrived at a clean, effective and modern style in their crew and passenger seating options. As with all the other seats in the Alu range, ergonomics plays an important part in the seat design. This ensures a comfortable ride for passengers whilst the consistency across the whole Alu range means that a vessel fitted out with Alu seats in the wheelhouse and the bridge will benefit from the homogenous style throughout the boat.


Alu has again provided their clients with an entire range of options. These include a choice of seat back style; a high back rest providing additional head and neck support to the low back option. Armrests have a flip-up feature as standard, and can be removed when not specified.  The seats can be delivered fixed to a strong beam base and can have additional features such as the Alu suspension unit under the seat. Under the seat there is plenty of space to fit necessary safety equipment such as a lifejacket. Alu also offers to provide a bespoke antimacassar with embroidery for the headrest in its seating supply.


  • Leather seats
  • Stylish in design
  • Select from a choice of backrest styles
  • With or without armrests
  • Lifejacket space under the seat
  • Homogenous design throughout the vessel
  • Flip up armrests
  • Mounted to a common beam base
  • Optional suspension unit
  • Antimacassar available

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