Alu Design compliments their range in seating supplies with their stylish and practical deck rail options. Deck rails are a convenient method of allowing considerable movement of the skipper seat or operator chair. This is often movement in the forward to aft plane but can also provide port to starboard movement. This arrangement may even incorporate two carriages and two helm seats on one track. The column or pedestal is securely mounted to the carriage on the rails which allows the user to enjoy the benefits of the ergonomically designed Alu seat whilst sat at various positions along the track. A low friction stainless steel ball bearing rail system enables smooth movement of the chair and operator. The braking system can be controlled from the sitting position which allows the user to adjust positions without leaving the seat. In addition, the braking system does not rely on friction alone as it has pre-determined locking positions along the track.

In their manual rails, Alu has flush mounting and surface mounting options. The surface mounted rail is perfect for existing builds where it may not be convenient to pull the deck up, nor have a sufficient cavity to embed the rails. The outer edge of the rail system has a stylish bevelled edge that not only looks good but avoids unnecessary tripping. Conversely the flush mounted rails are perfect for newbuilds, for inclusion in naval architects’ drawings. Both the manual type rails are available in 6 standard lengths and can be manufactured to a non-standard length if required.

Alu has an electric deck rail, referred to as the 3800 series. This has integrated push button controls in the seat and as is typical with Alu, all cables are not only hidden, they are protected through an effective cable management system. For safety, the electric deck rail has an integrated emergency stop during travel if there are any difficulties encountered.


  • Manual deck rails available as a flush or surface mounted option
  • Available in 6 standard lengths
  • Braking system controlled from the sitting position
  • Low friction stainless steel ball bearing rail system


  • Electric deck rail with push button control built in to the seat
  • Brake system through sensors in the event of obstructions, protects crew and instruments
  • Hidden cable management system



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