Reliable reversible marine seat with effortless operation

single, double - reversible!

Effortless reversing of seat direction with the pull of a handle – every time! Beautifully engineered and a beautiful addition to any boat or yacht.

Based on the successful Dubhe model, a version with invertible seating direction. With a simple pull of a handle, you can release the backrest and pull it to the opposite side to reverse the seating direction – from helm to dining, for example.

Dubhe reversible boat seat

Distinctive icon of the Ros Nautica brand, best-seller and evergreen inflected in numerous helm environments. The essential style and simplicity of the motion of the backrest make it an ideal solution in any situation.

Versatile, ergonomic, discrete, it represents the perfect synthesis of form and substance, capable of adaptation to or completion of any styled or architectural environment.

Steel, quality leather or technical wrapping materials are mixed together through knowledgeable and capable craftsmanship capable of exciting with the superior charm of who knows how to accompany without overwhelming and exalt without upsetting.


Main Characteristics:

  • Stainless steel frame and mechanism
  • Stainless steel armrests (option)
  • Genuine leather or synthetic nautical leather
  • Robust and durable.
  • Innovative reversing mechanism – simple to use.
  • Upright driving position.
  • Customizable clours.
  • Customizable logo.
  • Possible integrated slider.
  • Weight of 560mm wide seat with arm rests: 22 Kg


As designers, Crown always have fun working with our clients to come up with something special. 


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