Product overview

RECARO suspension units are specifically designed to suit a maritime environment and together with the RECARO Northsea seat, has been tested and approved to comply with HSC 2000 code (annex 10). These units were developed to meet the most demanding requirements and are manufactured from high quality raw materials and parts, to produce a suspension unit that is built to last.


RECARO offers a unique suspension unit that is not found elsewhere in the maritime industry. The RECARO suspension unit is powered from either a 12 or 24V source and controlled by an up/down switch at the front of the unit. Black rubber bellows conceal a robust assembly containing two gas dampers mounted at either end of the load bearing chassis. The use of two struts is unique and considered necessary to meet the demands of sailing in rough conditions, at high speed. Design intent from its inception, was to develop a true marine suspension unit that provides value for money and protect crew from harsh conditions at sea.


The RECARO suspension unit is arguably the very best and most robust suspension unit on the market today. It was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society whose requirements were considered among the most demanding of all maritime working environments.


A special lightweight stainless-steel version of the RECARO suspension unit is also available and often specified by marine architects.


  • Durable hard-wearing unit
  • Electrically powered and available as a 12 or 24V model
  • HSC 200 code compliant, certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Specifically designed for a harsh maritime environment
  • Double damper system, unique to RECARO
  • Covered with hard wearing rubber bellows to protect the mechanism from dirt and dust particles.
  • Simple push button operation from the sitting position
  • Regulated by an internal compressor, easily adjusted to suit different operator weights
  • Net weight of 17Kgs
  • Stainless steel version available



RECARO suspension units are placed between the base plate of the seat and an integrated plinth or fixed structure in the wheelhouse. Suspension units can be installed with any seat in the RECARO range and assume a 12 or 24V supply is available.



Recaro Seat Deck  Rails

RECARO deck rails are a convenient and practical means of adjusting the location of a RECARO seat, whilst remaining in the seat, secure and in control.  Deck rails are available in electric and manual versions. The pedestal is mounted to a carriage on the rail system, allowing the operator to move forward and aft whilst remaining seated. Rails can be surface mounted for ease as a retro-fit option or they can be flush mounted into the deck, usually during the build.


Manufactured from 316 stainless-steel at the factory in the Netherlands, RECARO deck rails compliment the style and elegance of a RECARO skipper seat. All parts are precision made to guarantee smooth movement of the carriage along the track. The 24V electric version is available in lengths up to 6 metres. Standard lengths start at 1 metre with 50cm increments. Non-standard lengths can also be manufactured to order and an extra carriage incorporated into the system if necessary. Switches are built in to the side of the RECARO seat for ease of access.


  • 24V Electrically powered deck rail system
  • 316 Stainless-steel throughout
  • Standard lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres in 50cm increments
  • Switches built in to the side seat cushion


Flush mount deck rails

Rails can be incorporated into the deck to generate a luxurious and refined appearance in any bridge or wheelhouse. When flush mounted, only the rails are visible meaning that between the track, the vessels’ decking is continuous with only the rails visible.

Surface mount deck rails

RECARO deck rails are available as a surface mounted option, a convenient option for retro fit situations. In addition to the rails, the surface mount option includes additional equipment which includes an infill piece between the rails and a stainless-steel rectangular shaped bulkhead. The infill piece comes in a standard duropal material though this can be replaced by a piece matching the deck or in any other material desired.

Manual deck rail

As an alternative to the electrically powered deck rail, RECARO offers a manually operated system. Movement of the seat is achieved from the standing position utilising a manual brake system. The manual system offers a cost saving on the electric model and offers the same aesthetically pleasing RECARO deck rail system.



Recaro Pedestals

Heavy duty (HD) hydraulic cylinder

The most popular pedestal option in the RECARO range. This high strength heavy duty pedestal has a height adjustment feature providing movement of 200mm. The adjustment is achieved by operating a foot pedal to the rear of the pedestal. The same foot pedal controls the locking and rotation mechanism built in to the unit. This pedestal facilitates rotation of the chair through 360 degrees and can be locked at any position of rotation. The HD pedestal can be mounted directly to the deck as a fixed position chair, or it can be mounted to the carriage on the RECARO deck rail system.

The HD pedestal is made up of two parts; the HD cylinder and a fixed height stainless-steel base. The cylinder has a height of 365mm and is combined with a range of standard bases starting from 50mm in height, up to 400mm in 50mm increments. For selection, the sitting height is achieved by combining the cylinder and the appropriate stainless-steel base. This assembly provides a nominal sitting height with a plus/minus adjustment of 100mm in each direction.


  • Hydraulic operation
  • Manual operation by foot pedal
  • Height adjustment of 200mm
  • Integrated rotation of 360 degrees
  • Locks in any position
  • Suits any desired sitting height

Carbon electric pedestal

The most stylish of available pedestals but also incredibly versatile, providing height adjustment of an impressive 400mm. At the centre there is a best quality electrically powered actuator. All cables are routed through the centre of the pedestal and are therefore not visible. On the outside, a system of telescopic carbon shrouds produces a beautifully styled and refined RECARO pedestal. The base of the pedestal has a matching carbon piece to compliment the overall look of the RECARO skipper seat. As with all RECARO pedestals, the carbon electric option can be mounted directly to the deck as a fixed position chair, or it can be mounted to the carriage on the RECARO deck rail system.

Switches for operation are mounted into the side of the seat cushion and are built into the same control panel as the electric deck rail if selected. The sitting height can therefore be adjusted from the sitting height for safety and convenience. The carbon pedestal from RECARO provides a minimum height of 350mm and a maximum height at full stroke of 750mm.


  • Electrically powered pedestal
  • Height adjustment of 400mm
  • Cable routing internally
  • 3-piece telescopic carbon shroud and matching base
  • Sitting height range of 350-750mm
  • Switches built in to the side of the RECARO seat cushion

Fixed height pedestal

The fixed height pedestal option is ideal when a specification does not require height adjustment and a constant sitting height is determined. A minimal specification is met at an attractive price with this stylish yet practical option. Another heavy duty, robust pedestal in the range, this option compliments the RECARO seat with its elliptical central column and circular base. The aluminium central column can also be supplied in a choice of colours, effects and screen prints to create a truly bespoke skipper seat package. As with all RECARO pedestals, the fixed height pedestal option can be mounted directly to the deck as a fixed position chair, or it can be mounted to the carriage on the RECARO deck rail system.


  • Fixed height pedestal
  • Aluminium column with options available
  • Manufactured to suit clients desired sitting height
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