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OP 50 – The Ultimate Command Centre Chair

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DID YOU KNOW… Alu operator seats are so admired for their futuristic styling that their seats were used on the Hollywood movie ‘Transformers’?




There are many cockpit style working environments. Controls are integrated into a console for a single operator to access during what is often a very demanding role. It’s often necessary for operators or pilots to reach out of their seat to access a switch, button or other. Efficiency is compromised. Operator chairs, cockpit seats, cyber chairs; there are many names. What they are, are seats that bring the console to the operator. Futuristically styled operator seats deliver control of the vessel or vehicle, to the armrests. Ergonomically designed armrest control results in an operator that is no longer required to stretch or reach out. They can remain seated and focused on the task.

Alu Design is a specialist in supplying seating solutions and has a reference list so impressive, the inevitable conclusion is that they are the very best in providing seating solutions for bespoke operations. Norwegians, Alu are specialists in the offshore industry and have an impressive gallery of projects behind them.

Operator chairs for remotely operated vessels or vehicles (ROV chair / ROV seat) are increasingly in demand. Experience is vital. Alu Design has the experience to generate a bespoke design perfectly suited to the client’s requirements, in the space restrictions imposed by the environment. Experienced designers and specialists in ergonomics can produce the very best operator chair in terms of functionality, comfort and style. There is no limit to what can be achieved by Alu in this market as they embrace the very latest in touch control technology, operator comfort and futuristic styling.


Alu has produced some of the most stylish operator chairs. Ergonomics is the driving force. Practicality is essential together with modern futuristic styling that sets Alu apart. Alu operator chairs can be based around an existing Alu seat design or a bespoke style created and owned by the client. Cables and wires are hidden inside the armrest and pedestal. A multitude of controls can be attached to each arm with the seat having rotation or movement back and forth, having been mounted on Alu deck rails.



  • Design built around existing leather Alu seat
  • Armrests built up to suit client requirements
  • Cables fully hidden inside the armrests and column
  • Height adjustment
  • Seat rotation
  • Flip up footrest
  • Footrest rotates with seat


  • Bespoke seat back with unique client choice of coloured panel
  • Seat embroidery and client selected leather hide
  • Armrest widths designed to accommodate all functions and controls
  • Mounted on electric deck rails for forward and aft movement

The Alu “all in” Operator chair suitable for DP, ROV, crane and other demanding multi-functional operations. The armrests are made per customer requirements with electric operation, suitable as a stand-alone unit or installed on Alutech electric operated deck rails.


As designers, Crown always have fun working with our clients to come up with something special. 


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