Through our representation of Recaro and Alu design, Crown Marine Seats has developed much experience in finding solutions for operator chairs or cyber chairs as they are sometimes referred. These are not unique to the marine or offshore industry as there are an increasing number of land based applications in which operators are improving efficiency by bringing controls to the seat rather than mounted in a traditional console. From a cyber chair, pilots are fulfilling a demanding role and having total control of expensive and critical machinery.


Marine Operator/Pilot Chairs

Oil and gas field services

Unexploded ordinance clean-up

Subsea salvage and construction

Improvised explosive device

IED Mitigation



Land Operator/Pilot Chairs



Micro / Macro assembly

Hazardous waste management

Improvised explosive device

IED Mitigation


Employers and designers have recognised the need to provide an improved work space for the operator. This will not only improve efficiency at work but also protect against longer term injury caused by sitting in an uncomfortable environment. Ergonomic considerations are vital when developing the seat and armrest mounted controls. At Crown we are also familiar with restricted spaces that is a frequent problem when considering the most suitable design for a fully inclusive operator chair.



Offshore / ROV Pilot chairs


In the offshore sector, ROV pilot chairs offer a means of improving efficiency and safety by bringing control of a remotely operated vessel away from a traditional console and into the armrests of the operator chair. This generates a more efficient working environment and eliminates unnecessary reaching or stretching that is common with controls mounted in a console. Crown Marine and its principles; Alu Design and Recaro has an impressive reference list in the offshore sector, that includes Kongsberg, Rolls Royce, SMD, Oceaneering, Aker Solutions, ASV Global and others.

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