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OP01 – Office chairs for Professionals

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ALU OP01 office chairs make a bold statement that sets the tone for organisations that lead in their field. Looking for high quality bespoke corporate chairs? If so give us a call.

Some roles are so demanding and highly pressurised they require a professionals office chair. Alu Design has brought their marine and operator seat expertise and created a best in class ergonomic seating experience.




Demand for superior quality office chairs continues to grow as the many benefits are being realised. These benefits can be medical, a more efficient work station or aesthetics;


  • Demanding roles in which concentration and attention to detail are important
  • Relieve back pain and stiffness, protect against injury
  • Ergonomic styling and adjustments for an efficient posture
  • Projecting a high end corporate image


Stay focused

Security, navigation and surveillance are among many roles in which staff members will benefit from an excellent quality office style chair. A well designed, comfortable seating option is essential for such roles and creates a more efficient working environment that allows personnel to remain focused for longer.

Health and wellbeing

Technology has evolved so much in recent years. The way we work has been revolutionised as a result and this has placed enormous strain on our bodies. Longer term implications of this change in our working environment increases the possibility of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Even if short term usage is considered in isolation, aches and pains develop from having a poor posture. Inevitably, staff tend to focus on trying to find a solution for their discomfort rather than focusing on the task.






Different tasks require different sitting heights and postures. An excellent quality office seat should provide a range of adjustments that achieve an efficient posture for every member of staff, irrespective of the task. An executive office seat with integrated ergonomics, provides full support and helps avoid, among others, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) which can be caused by poorly positioned armrests for example. Crown Marine Seats are representatives of only the very best in seat design and ergonomic styling.

Corporate imaging

It is important that organisations portray the right image to potential and existing clients, investors or a board of directors. The boardroom may be where those important visitors spend most of their time. What better way to impress them than their being greeted by a room of stylish leather executive seats that underline the importance of their visit? Even more impressive, leather seats, in corporate colours and with a logo embroidered into the head rest?


As designers, Crown always have fun working with our clients to come up with something special. 


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