All adjustments at the flick of a switch.

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Elegant in design, simple to use switch panel and masses of comfort, the Caspian is the Flagship of the RECARO Maritime fleet.

With all seat adjustments at the flick of a switch, electrically operated double lumbar support cushions, heating and ventilation, we believe this is the most advanced skipper chair on market. Combined with an electric carbon fibre pedestal and electric deck rail, there can surely be no equal.


One of our very best and most stylish RECARO seats, packed with features supplied as standard to generate the ultimate working environment. The Recaro Caspian has a separate headrest, manually adjustable in height and angle. For the back rest, side bolster cushions provide lateral support and a generous, adjustable back width. The angle of the back rest can be adjusted manually to suit the user’s preference. The seat cushion, as with all RECARO seats, provides comfort and support over long shifts. As with the backrest, the seat cushion has raised thigh support bolster cushions for added comfort and stability.

For taller users, a thigh support extension is incorporated into the seat cushion. This is an extendable section at the front of the cushion to provide additional under thigh support.

Lateral side cushions are supplied with a manual adjustment feature. This feature is particularly useful for seats used by more than one person and can therefore be adapted to suit the individuals’ preference.

Lower back or lumbar support comes as standard in the RECARO Caspian. This is a manually operated pneumatic feature that provides additional support to the lower spine.

RECARO armrests are supplied as standard. Armrests have a tip-up feature through 90 degrees to allow easier access in to and out of the chair. The angle of the armrest can be adjusted to suit the individual user.


  • Separate headrest with height and angle adjustment
  • Backrest with angle adjustment
  • Lateral support cushions with adjustment
  • Raised thigh support side cushions
  • Cushioned thigh support extension piece
  • Pneumatic lumbar support
  • Tip-up armrests through 90 degrees
  • Armrests with angle adjustment



    The RECARO Caspian is available in hard wearing RECARO fabric or genuine black RECARO leather as standard options. Other options include, a range of colours from the RECARO leather swatch or the clients’ own material supplied.

    For a minimal additional cost, RECARO offers additional embroidery options in the headrest. A company logo or vessel name provides an attractive and unique feature to this seat.

    The RECARO Caspian is available with electronic adjustment. Switches can be built in to the seat cushion to control back rest angle, lateral bolster cushion position, lumbar support as well as heating and ventilation into the seat. This model of the RECARO Caspian is referenced as the Caspian de Lux.

    • Electronic adjustment of seat back angle, lateral support cushions and lumbar support
    • Heating and ventilation included within he electric model (Caspian de Lux)
    • Available in hard wearing RECARO fabric and genuine black leather.
    • Embroidered logo, vessel name etc in the headrest.


    Options (under the seat)

    As with all RECARO models, the Caspian can be supplied with a range of accessories to suit the client’s needs;

    • RECARO seat slide
    • Rotation plate
    • 6-way adjustment under seat
    • Height adjustable commercial footrest with flip-up feature
    • Polished stainless-steel footrest with choice of matching footplate inserts.
    • Fixed height pedestal
    • Pedestal with hydraulic height adjustment (manual adjustment)
    • Pedestal with electric height adjustment. (control panel built in to the side of the seat cushion)
    • 12V or 24V Marine grade electric suspension unit
    • Mounting bracket for armrest accessories.
    • Electric deck rail up to 6m long suitable for surface or flush mounting
    • Manual deck rail
    • Five feet office style pedestal
    • Can be supplied as a seat only for retro fitting on an existing (another brand) pedestal


    There is no other marine skipper chair on the market with so many adjustment possibilities


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