ROS Alcor

From the fully upholstered GTS to the funky F!

customized solutions

Probably one of the most customized ROS seats in our portfolio. Let your imagination run wild. Fully upholstered to raw funkiness so give us a call.

Unique, modern design manufactured using polyethylene rotomoulding technology. Robust and resistant to the marine environment, the mouldings can be in various colours. Flip up bolster as standard with stainless steel brackets. 

Helm seat for boats – ALCOR GTS

Top of the range, Alcor GTS – The exposed shell of the Alcor is upholstered resulting in an essential but precious seat. The lateral openings confer a sporty and dynamic touch that depending on the characteristics of the wrapping, whether in leather or vinyl makes it adaptable to the most distinct environments, from sporty hi-tech to the most traditional.

The stainless steel flip-up bolster mechanism provides for a prestigious and versatile product that can be wrapped with leather or vinyl, suitable for any helm environment.

Standard Alcor

“Less is more”. The Megrez was broken down and reassembled in an informal way adaptable to every type of craft. The polyethylene shell is visible and can be moulded in many colours. The upholstery is limited to the seat and backrest cushions that can be wrapped in leather or vinyl. The infinite combinations of shell and wrapping colours allow for the possibility to produce a modern, bespoke, linear seat that can be adapted to any environment.

The stainless steel flip-up bolster mechanism provides for substance and prestige to an apparently simple product that may become a real passe-partout in the boat environment, not only at the helm.

Alcor F

Same specification as the Alcor but without flip-up bolster.

F for “fixed”……or funky.

Alcor XS

This is the version of the Alcor with reduced backrest height for low profile boats.


Main Features:


  • Ergonomic.
  • Robust and durable PEHD frame.
  • Flip-up bolster.
  • Customizeable colours.
  • Possibility of logo.
  • Possibility of slider
  • Weight: 13 Kg


  • Available in genuine leather or synthetic nautical leather
  • Logo, vessel name or other embroidery available. 
  • Frame colour options.
  • Client supplied leather or fabric




As designers, Crown always have fun working with our clients to come up with something special. 


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