The 3000 FC shock mitigation seat from Alu has been designed to suit the most demanding of conditions. It is compatible with military, coastguard and other law enforcement authorities’ vessels that regularly operate at high speed.

A racing style lightweight carbon shell holds the passenger safely in the chair with its curved shoulder and side lateral supports. The 3000 FC seat is mounted on top of a scissor style shock mitigation system. Twin shock absorbing spring dampers are found under the seat, which provide the necessary support. Underneath the shock mitigation system, clients have the option to purchase a custom made mounting box to achieve the required sitting height.


The 3000 FC carbon seat is a beautifully styled chair. It is built to provide maximum passenger comfort when traveling at high speed in severe conditions. A lightweight 100% carbon shell minimises impact on speed. A wrap around design provides support to the shoulders, head and neck. Side lateral supports are a prominent aspect in the design, giving the passenger considerable upper body support. With speed in mind, Alu has incorporated grip handles on each side of the chair and included safety harness holes over the shoulder. The seat back angle can also be adjusted to further enhance passenger comfort.

The seat base provides further support with high sides to support thighs and minimise whole body movement. The profile is declined towards the aft of the base, to generate the bucket style seat necessary for seats designed to suit this environment.

There are many options that can be applied to the Alu shock mitigation seat; armrests with additional, optional armrest attachments or controls, 3-point safety harness and a mounting base.

If desired, the FC 3000 seat can be purchased as a stand-alone unit, without the scissor style shock mitigation system and mounting base.


  • 100% lightweight carbon shell
  • Wrap around seat design for complete upper body support
  • Grip handles on each side
  • Seat angle adjustment
  • Over shoulder safety belt holes
  • High side seat cushion for thigh support
  • Heavy duty twin spring damping arrangement
  • Integrated document pocket
  • Easy installation



  • Armrests
  • Armrest attachments such as joysticks or other controls
  • Mounting base with custom height
  • 3-point safety harness



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