Alu Design of Norway offers a shock absorbing suspension unit, fixed to the underside of the leather Alu chair. Suspension seats are often bolted to a plinth or integrated box that forms part of the main structure in the wheelhouse and are necessary when sailing at high speeds and in rough conditions. As standard, Alu seats are delivered with a huge array of functions and features, all included within a modest price.


Style (seat)


Alu utilises the same deep seat cushioned base across its range. A base which measures an impressive 17cm (c. 6 ¾”) of firm and extremely comfortable cushioned seating that protects skippers even in the very worst conditions. Whilst the seat base is constant, clients can select from three choices of back rest; 300/600, 400/500 and the 300/600 OP model. Each being a high backrest that also serves to protect the head and neck.

All seats are supplied in genuine black leather with lumbar support for further protection of the lower back. The seat back angle can also be adjusted from the sitting position. Armrests have a height adjustment feature and tip up facility, making it easy to exit the seat from the side in restricted spaces. Furthermore, Alu offers a range of standard bolt-on parts to armrests from basic cup holders, a ‘fisherman’s pocket’ or more elaborate electrical equipment and controls.




  • Embroidered logo (free of charge)
  • Genuine leather (black)
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat back angle adjustment
  • Head and Neck support
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Tip-up armrests




  • Extra wide armrests
  • Armrest accessories; cup holders, charging points, secure compartments for personal items
  • Client supplied upholstery and bespoke stitching


Suspension unit


The compact suspension unit available from Alu is a manually operated 3 step 60mm height adjustment unit with an integrated weight adjustment indicator. The Alu suspension unit is designed to provide additional support and comfort in the chair at high speeds and in harsh conditions.   The mechanism is protected externally by robust bellows.




  • Robust under seat suspension unit
  • Manual operation
  • 3 step 60mm height adjustment
  • External bellows to protect internal parts




  • Rotation plate
  • Seat slide providing up to 170mm of movement
  • 2 or 3-point seat belt






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